Restore Neo Japan

Painting contest entry for the Restore Debris painting contest.  This is my entry. I wanted to go a little subtle with it. Restore is an amazing sculptor and I felt there is a lot here to work with as far as the sculpt goes.  I put a lot of work into the face making it look 80% real and 20% cartoon. The sculpt is already there having a smoothed look but at the same time some of the features are over emphasized.  The single milky eye was to give him a little character, to make him look a little like a weathered soldier that has come out of retirement.  I went a little simple with the body armor, just going with a sleek high gloss black with metallic finish to highlight some of the sharply sculpted curves and edges.  I added some matte grays and browns via dry brush to make the armor look a little weathered.  My thought was something along the lines of a still suit from Lynch’s Dune, an armored suit from Metal Gear, and unintentionally it looks a little like a “drift” uniform from Pacific Rim.  Overall I love the sculpt and really liked painting it up.
neo_japan_erik_jacobus_02 neo_japan_erik_jacobus_03 neo_japan_erik_jacobus_04 neo_japan_erik_jacobus_05neo_japan_erik_jacobus_01

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