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MSGR Collaboration

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013



Recently I was commissioned by the owner of Japanese clothing label MSGR to create a limited run of resin skull/star keychains of their logo for an expo of theirs this summer.



The project had to be done quick and I had only about a month and a half to sculpt, mold, and produce a limited but high quantity for them and then ship them out to Japan in time for their show.  I am very happy to be collaborating with them as they produce very unique high end clothing and we both seam to have common interests.




I came into contact with the companies founder Katsuya Nakamura, through my two friends Mike AKA MeccaGodzilla and Ron D-Pi Wimberly, who have both collaborated with MSGR before.  Katsuya become interested in this collaboration when he saw one of my Zmbie head key chains and was interested if I could do something similar for him.MSGR_Collaboration_06


Here is a little preview of something else I have been working on.

Also MSGR’s web site is of cores so go check their stuff out.