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Thursday, November 15th, 2012


Los Angeles and Designer was sick. I got to connect and meet a bunch of great people like The Butcher, who I had only known from his internet persona but finally got to meet in person and trade for some of his toys! I also reconnected with Scott Wilkowski who I had met at  past SDCC and who also does great resin work.

I got to finally check out Toy Art Gallery where a Kid Shukuteki of mine had been part of a group show last year. When I got there I was very excited to find that he was still front and center in a prominently placed display case.  The guys at TAG even knew who I was because og the KS figure!

The Gallery is a really great display space and does a killer job of presenting all the toys as the works of art that they are.  I talked  to Connell for about an hour, he works there full time and is also an artist.  He even gave me a deal on a Rockin’ Jelly Bean shirt I was eyeing, pretty sick nasty!

My last day on the west coast I got to check out the Stanley Kubrick Exhibit that had opened at the LACMA only the day before I was in town.  It was incredible to see original movie props and even notes written by Kubrick himself.

I ended up liking L.A. way more then I thought I would, there is something really amazing about how “fake” it is.  It is completely different from the  nitty gritty grime and roughness of the east coast and New York that I am so accustomed to.