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Sunday, March 11th, 2018

Toy Displays

These display sets were commissioned by the toy company N.E.C.A for use at conventions and for packaging photography.

Sunday, March 11th, 2018

Toy Prototypes

Machine Man 1/6 scale mixed media custom figure.

Lady Snowblood and Nightmare figures. Hand cast polyurethane and hand painted. Originally sculpted by me.

Army of Two resin fine cut prototype figure for NECA. This figure is the tooling master from witch the stainless steal molds would be cut and used for final production of the figure. I oversaw the tooling and redesigned the lower half of the figure on site in China. I was also responsible for adding details to the final sculpt.

Gears of War “Scourge” figure, also for NECA. I oversaw the tooling in china and was involved with the final sculpt.  I was also in charge of the paint application. I painted the resin photo master prototype pictured below.

Terminator II “Battle Through Time” figure. Photo master prototype painted by me.

Bioshock “Little Sister” figure. hand painted prototype.

Bioshock “Big Sister” hand painted photo master prototype.

“Shukuteki” original had cast hand sculptor figure.