Scenic Work

Set Created for Activision for a commercial to promote a new Tomb Raider video game.

Clips from the TV spot.  The actual commercial can be seen here.


This member of the raptor family is a species indigenous to parts of China.  I helped a team of paliosculptors create this replica out of polyurethane using molds made from actual dinosaur fossils on loan from a museum in China. Unlike what most people believe raptors rarely grew larger than six feet in length.

Toy Displays

These display sets were commissioned by the toy company N.E.C.A for use at conventions and for packaging photography.

Nike Pyramid

Photo opp pho cement pyramid made for the Nike Soho store.

Monster Food

erik_Jacobus_fabrication_food_03 IMG_20150618_012707408 erik_Jacobus_fabrication_food_04 erik_Jacobus_fabrication_food_01


Several large food items, a pickle slice, gherkin, and bung, all carved from foam then coated in polyurethane and airbrushed.  Two other artists and myself worked on the sculpting of these and the paint was base coated by my friend and details were added by me with an air brush.

I am told these were used in a commercial although I do not know what for.

Toy Prototypes

Machine Man 1/6 scale mixed media custom figure.

Lady Snowblood and Nightmare figures. Hand cast polyurethane and hand painted. Originally sculpted by me.

Army of Two resin fine cut prototype figure for NECA. This figure is the tooling master from witch the stainless steal molds would be cut and used for final production of the figure. I oversaw the tooling and redesigned the lower half of the figure on site in China. I was also responsible for adding details to the final sculpt.

Gears of War “Scourge” figure, also for NECA. I oversaw the tooling in china and was involved with the final sculpt.  I was also in charge of the paint application. I painted the resin photo master prototype pictured below.

Terminator II “Battle Through Time” figure. Photo master prototype painted by me.

Bioshock “Little Sister” figure. hand painted prototype.

Bioshock “Big Sister” hand painted photo master prototype.

“Shukuteki” original had cast hand sculptor figure.

Miniature rice terraces of Vietnam for a commercial project.

NYC Call Box Fabrication

Erik_Jacobus_fabrication_callbox_04 Erik_Jacobus_fabrication_callbox_03 Erik_Jacobus_fabrication_callbox_02 Erik_Jacobus_fabrication_callbox_01



I lent my skills to a fabrication studio for the construction of a NYC fire department call box replica.  Made of fiberglass, it will house a Play Station 4 gaming console and be used to entertain kids in a children’s hospital when it is finished.

Professional Toy Work: Prototypes


A selection of the toys I have worked on that have gone into production from licensed media

020Skorge, from Gears of War II. I was responsible for the painted prototype, the paint master for production and even worked a little but on the sculpting of the original figure.  I also oversaw the tooling of the original resin fine-cut master overseas in China for production.  The figure pictured above is the figure I painted.



Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell.  I was responsible for the paint application of the prototype figure.


Nano Suit from Crysis.  I was responsible for the paint application of the prototype figure.


Siring from Bio-Shock. this piece was a life sized prop replica. I painted the prototype.



Set piece I built for display to San Diego Comic Con 2008 for a line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures.


Another display set built for New York International Toy Fair 2009


Bio-Shock display set used at San Diego Comic Con 2010.


Close up of the Bio-Shock set, along with a “Little Sister” I painted.


Army of Two resin fine cut prototype.  This is a resin master copy produced in chine for pre-production.  Figures like this are used as scale guide for production figures that come later on in the manufacturing process.  These figures are also used as a guide for tooling out the stainless steal molds.

I worked extensively on this figure wile in China.  The figure was originally meant to have much more articulation, particularly in the legs, but due to the figures intricacies and extensive paint job it would be too costly, therefor the figure was put into a fixed pose from the waist down.

I was in charge of negotiating all this and was also responsible for the fixed posse the figure ended up being placed in.  I thought her should look like he was about to move, or about to take a shot, with one foot slightly in front of the other.