Toy Industry Work

Work from my days as a prototype artist for NECA. I worked behind the scenes on various tittles such as Gears of War, Ninja Turtles, Bioshock, Resident Evil, Terminator, and many more. My skills varied and I did everything from help sculpt prototypes, paint two ups for photos, build dioramas for conventions, and even went to China several times to aid in quality control. One of my favorite figures I got to work on was Skorge from Gears of War 2. I did some of the sculpting, all of the paint work, and even oversaw the tooling of the molds used to produce the finished figure.

Graphic Designs for Apparel

Skateboard Illustration

“Demon Lilith”  skate deck “artist deck” since it isn’t for a pro skater, produced by Designed to Perfection/Unstoppable. Illustrated by me and printed by Woodchuck Boards in Canada.  The original illustration was ink on paper and digital color, fitted to the skate deck template and manufactured using the special semi secret skate deck printing techniques.

Fabrication and Commercial Sculpture

A selection of various pieces I have worked on in the commercial fabrication industry. Clients have included Nike, Air Jordan, Activision, Cartier, Saks Fifth Avenue, and many more.

Prop Work

Varius props I have worked on for TV. The “Flag Five Flock Flair” for Amazon Studio’s The Tick were featured prominently in season 2 episodes “In the Woods” and “Choose Love” and were handled almost entirely by me. The designs were handed down from the studio to a fabrication shop I was working with.

Keshi Figures

Original kasha style figure series I sculpted containing my usual characters Shukuteki, Yoshiko, Temujin, and the Machine. Figures were sculpted one to one and hand cast in “M.U.S.C.L.E color” resin.

1/18 Scale Personal Work

Space Fisher (Frogman) Hard Tech Lilith (girl) Insectoid Destroyer (bug man) Three figures kit bashed and then cast and painted by me. The Space Fisher and Hard Tech Lilith were both originally sculpted by Noel Danger and Erwin Papa before I took their sculpts and basically used them as a rough out. Insectoid destroyer was entirely sculpted by me. These figures are in a 1/18 scale or about the same size as a classic Star Wars figure. They are all hand cast and hand painted by me in polyurethane resin.

First Self Produced Toy

Originally called Kid Shukuteki he was sculpted and cast as my first self produced toy. Playing heavily on the “urban vinyl” style and strong streetwear culture that was popular in the 2000s Kid Shukuteki made his debut in the summer of 2010. He was intended to be a sort of street ninja, equal parts Astro Boy, Cloud Strife, and Hypebeast blog reader. At the time resin toys had not yet become a common occurrence in the designer toy world outside of bootlegs and Kid Shukuteki was a completely original sculpt. He was released partly as a side promotion with Designed to Perfection and even got his own photo shoot.

I eventually used him as a BUC system figure and created two other characters using the same body, Kid Samurai and Kid Ectoplasm. Both these characters have gone through several name changes over the years. Eventually I added a female character Yoshiko or Lady Snowblade, sort of a bootleg of Lady Snowblood who had gained a new cult popularity at the time. The Final figure is a Street Fighter Ryu one off I created for a show a few years ago.

The Machine Man

A Character I created that seams to work well as a limited run or one off figure. Head, hands, and feet I sculpted that can be easily modified to fit a standard 1/6 scale figure body.